If you’re a permanent cosmetic artist who is ready to connect with like-minded artists, learn new techniques and grow your business, then join us for our annual gathering where you’re going to come away with new friends, incredible education, a sense of being part of a family that’s here to support you, and inspire you to take your career to the next level.

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Relaxing and sipping wine with your new friends in a comfy intimate area of the Worthington lobby, you are filled with excitement for the days to come. The people are so friendly and have made you feel totally welcome. You feel so glad you came.

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It’s been a busy day of amazing workshops, a wander through Sundance Court with all its art, great shops, and the splash pad fountain. You and your fellow colleagues have been laughing, swapping stories of your day’s adventures in Fort Worth, and anticipating what comes tomorrow.


And these artists are awesome! Some are new to the industry, but others have been coming to SPCP conventions for 20 or even 30 years! It surprised you that they share their experience so willingly. You heard one say, “we’re colleagues, not competitors.” Wow. Just WOW. You’ve never heard that at any of the shows you’ve attended.

I know you’ve heard that who we hang out with affects who we are…

…so imagine spending four days with enthusiastic people just like you. People committed to permanent cosmetics and helping others. People who share their ideas, and also believe there is always something new to learn. And educators who are there to teach and share instead of just being focused on the sales.

And you get access to all of this for just one entry ticket. You’d have to attend at least three other events to come close… and it wouldn’t be as good and a lot more expensive.

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By the end of this gathering You’ll have…
  • Made new friends or perhaps renewed old friendships so you can feel more supported and connected when you return home.
  • Gained new techniques and skills from awesome educators so you can expand your services and grow your business success.
  • Experienced workshops from nationally renowned artists and your head is full of exciting tips so you can return home and put your new skills to work.
  • Taken your industry involvement to the next level and made connections so you can elevate your business and become better known and recognized.
  • Know you’ve found your family of like-minded people, support, ethics, and quality education so you can return again and keep growing your business.

The first thing that strikes you when you land in Texas is how big everything feels. Big takes on a whole new meaning.

Off the freeways and you immediately sense the wild west lingers here. It looks like a big city but doesn’t feel like others you’ve visited. It feels more small-town. Your shuttle took you through the famous Stockyard district with old western hotels and cowboys everywhere. You felt the hair on your arms prickle when the driver said two of the hotels are haunted.

You feel a vibe that mixes history and now, old and new, cowboys and all forms of art. A breeze stirs the air ladened with aromas of BBQ, Tex-Mex and Margaritas, despite that it’s mid-afternoon. People feel so friendly. Lots of smiles, nods and even an occasional howdy which made you smile.


Your driver drops you off at the modern upscale hotel Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth. It’s tucked next to Sundance Square where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used to hang out. They say it’s an iconic landmark built in the 1920s but it certainly doesn’t look or feel its age. Even as you enter you sense that you’ve slipped into a place where time slows down a little. Maybe it’s the heat but people take things a little slower. You feel your shoulders relax.

You’ve just experienced Texas hospitality at the Worthington. It’s named after the Worthington family… big oil and gas tycoons. And the hotel renovations reflect the standards a tycoon would demand. Quality and touches of elegance without being stuffy.

It’s hard to be stuffy when you have a chandelier of steer horns soaring high over the bar and two giant ebony bulls outside the main door.


You’ll appreciate staying in the modern rooms that feel welcoming, spacious and comfy. And the bed feels designed to help you get a good night’s sleep. It’s clear no comfort details have been overlooked.

You have many choices for your room, kings, two queens, even suites are available if you want to splurge. You can reserve your rooms, via our link. Please use Book your group rate for SPCP Annual Convention Fall 2024 to get your discounts. And if you are sharing the room, the hotel staff are pros at splitting the room charges.

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You have found the fitness room with its fabulous views of the city, the indoor pool, and the rooftop space for movies and outdoor parties. What a fantastic place to stay!

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 2.26.54 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 2.31.39 PM.png

And it was so much fun walking with your new friends around Sundance Square Plaza where live music was playing.

Wow, all those shops are so close by! You need to plan some retail therapy time. There’s no way you’re going home without something western to remember your visit.  Will it be silver jewelry, a hat or maybe a belt or boots? Maybe you DO need to stay an extra day.

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You’re going to love that Fort Worth is a foodie heaven both in and beyond your hotel and there are so many choices within an easy walk.

You’ll start your conference days with a light breakfast buffet included in your ticket price. You’ve already heard from your new friends that the food is always good. And it doesn’t matter what your dietary needs are, you’ll find choices available.

This year, all tickets include both light continental buffet breakfast, lunches and our final day Business and Brunch gathering. That way you can focus on the awesome education rather than hunting down lunch.


After a day of fantastic education, you can meet with friends and go out to eat, or chill in the hotel or your room and order in. Need an idea? The hotel staff and other members are full of ideas.

You can be as casual and laid back or go as upscale as you like. It’s all close by.

Feeling hungry? Consider Texas De Brazil an all you can eat Brazilian eatery. You’ll feel like swooning when you see the huge chef crafted salad bar but beware there’s a LOT more food to come. Brazilian style meat, poultry and more grilled the gaucho way over an open flame with natural wood charcoal. It's a sensory delight. While you eat, your servers walk among the tables offering to cut you slices of the aromatic sizzling meat from their giant skewers.

If you can’t decide what you want, Cheesecake Factory is only a couple of blocks away and will have your head spinning and your mouth watering with their huge diverse menu as well as …. cheesecakes galore. And it’s a fun upbeat vibe

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Over the four intensive days of our event, you’ll have the opportunity to attend both paid and free workshops. Pick your favorite paid workshops and register for them early. They do sell out

You asked for hands-on… You got it! You’ll bring your device and we’ll provide the practice pads and other materials.


You’ll also join us for our SPCP Ultimate Networking Party. It’s where we relax, let our hair down and have a bit of fun while we get better acquainted.

Every year we give attendees the opportunity to sit for their CPCP Certification but you must register in advance. All the details are on our website. Want to set yourself apart from poorly trained competitors? Make this the year you get your CPCP.

The SPCP board and committees are intensively working to bring you the most amazing conference ever. Even better than the last one which was touted as the best conference in history. We will have lots more details coming. But you don’t have to wait. You can register now and get all the emails to be in the know for this year!


You won’t want to miss this opportunity to connect, elevate and thrive with others who share your passions. Like you, they love what they do, and they love helping others. Come join the SPCP family.

By the end of this conference you…

●   Will have gained tips to streamline your business so you have more time for family and yourself.

●   Could be the owner of the highly coveted CPCP Certification so you can set yourself apart from your competition.

●   Will have learned from industry experts around the globe so you can grow your business success. 

●   Will have made connections and learned techniques to get your marketing done in less time so you can enjoy your family more.

●   Will have enhanced your technical skills, made new friends and had fun so you can return home relaxed, energized and ready to move your business forward.

●    Will have had two days of shopping in the vendor room so you can take home great deals on supplies for your business.

Regardless of your ticket choice, these bonuses are for all attendees. They’re YOUR opportunity to…

Get to know your fellow attendees in our private convention attendee Facebook group. Receive up-to-date info, get tips on how to prepare and make the most of our time together.
  • Build a deeper connection with everyone on our pre-event Zoom call. Get clear on what you want for yourself at this conference and how to set your intent and begin the process  to connect, elevate and thrive before you ever leave home.
  •  Post-conference group call. We’ll check in with each other and see how we’re doing post convention, what has changed, and what new actions we’re putting into place in our lives and businesses. 
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We picked this venue for you for several great reasons.  It’s centrally located in the US and with both a domestic and international airport between Fort Worth and Dallas. Yes, people from around the world will be joining us and they are excited to meet you.

We can pretty much count on nice weather and the hotel was eager to have us return. Plus it was significantly less expensive than the other options we explored.  

We have a full day of workshops and other activities scheduled for Monday. You’ll probably want to arrive on Sunday so you don’t miss a thing.

We love that there is so much to see and do close by the hotel.

It is expensive to park a car in the downtown area of Fort Worth and at the hotel. Most people never need their car at the event. If you want to go to the Stockyards or other locations at a distance, there’s always Uber. If you want to tour the city, there are city tours or you’ll need a car. 


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We have several ticket options for you, General VIP and a new Platinum VIP with total access. SPCP Members get a discounted price. Both members and non-members have identical access to everything that their ticket includes.

What’s included with General Tickets so far:

●    4 days of activities and education 

●    Light Continental buffet Monday - Wednesday

●    Entrance to free workshops (2 days)

●    Entrance to all presentations(2 days)

●    Entrance to vendor room (2 days)

●    Lunches Monday - Wednesday

●    Entrance to our SPCP Ultimate Networking Party

●    SPCP Brunch and Business meeting - Thursday

●    A tote with handouts and goodies from our vendors

●    Drink tickets for our SPCP Ultimate Networking Party

●    Cocktail hours

●    And some very special activities throughout 

●    Downloadable Certificates of Attendance

What’s Included for VIP so far:

●    4 days of activities and education

●    Light Continental buffet breakfast Monday - Wednesday

●    Entrance to free workshops (2 days)

●    1 Premium (paid) Workshop

●    Entrance to all presentations (2 days)

●    Entrance to vendor room (2 days)

●    Entrance to SPCP Ultimate Networking Party

●    Lunches Monday - Wednesday

●    SPCP Brunch and Business meeting - Thursday

●    Cocktail hours

●    Downloadable Certificates

●    Premium seating in the presentation room

●    VIP Wine & Whiskey Mixer

●    VIP Vendor Shopping

●    A VIP tote with handouts and deluxe goodies from our vendors

●    And some very special activities throughout 

And new this year…

Platinum VIP Total Access

This includes everything in the VIP ticket plus the following

●    Your choice of attending any of theWorkshops[1]  free of charge (2 days - a $2000[2]  value)

●    Printed Conference Certificates of Attendance

●    Front row seating

●    Platinum After-Party

●    Platinum VIP Gift Bag 

What’s not included:

Pretty much the same as with all beauty conventions.

●    Paid workshops - each requires a separate ticket (2 days)

●    Extra drink tickets. 

●    Your roundtrip airfare from your home.

●    Your hotel rooms.

●    Personal shopping, spa services, taxi, bell-boys and tips for your room maid and servers at the hotel 

●    Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

●    Transportation to and from the airport to the hotel.


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