Covid 19

While the situation is rapidly evolving, it is the position of the SPCP to always adhere to best practices and local regulations. We realize our members are under extreme stress, and there are many considerations for our businesses and personal lives; however, health and safety are paramount.


Our global colleagues and families are encouraged to practice social distancing immediately and stop unnecessary gatherings. As a membership society, SPCP strongly recommends its members to stop all personal services. This will allow you and your staff time to prepare and apply for any forthcoming governmental support, where available, and, most importantly, to be socially responsible. Permanent cosmetic professionals should not resume procedures until cleared jurisdictionally.

Tattooing creates a micro-spray of bodily fluids and does not allow social distancing between yourself and the client. Tattooing is also not a necessary procedure, not to mention that brow procedures can cause sneezing, lip procedures involve saliva, and eyeliner involves tears.

Once clients are rescheduled, we trust there will be a sense of calm with the knowledge that recommended protocols are being adhered to.

Be a leader! Be responsible, and, most of all, be healthy!   (Leer en español)