Other Permanent Cosmetic Procedures

Some clients have specialty needs and interests beyond the standard eyebrows, eyeliner and lip coloration.  There are many other permanent cosmetic procedures available.

Camouflaging can take two different courses. Either a traditional tattoo can be applied over the discoloration or scar or the skin can be re-toned to more closely match the surrounding area.
Re-coloration is most successful on those areas not exposed to the daylight on a regular basis. The surrounding skin will change color from UV exposure, even if protected by sun block, but the tattooed area will not change with it.
Applying a traditional artistic design over a scarred or discolored area is the other option. As tattooing has become mainstream, many more people are turning to this method to convert something that bothers them, into a work of beauty and art.
Potential clients must remember that these are advanced procedures and they need to feel very comfortable with the skill level of their technician. Feel free to ask questions: Have they done this sort of procedure before? Do they have photos available of their finished work? Have they taken advanced continuing education courses in the specialty area you are considering and do they have certificates to substantiate this? Most insurance companies will not even cover technicians for doing advanced specialty work without additional training and experience in the industry.