PC Buzz - July 2022


When is the last time you took a breath, such as smelling the roses and blowing out candles? Include the number of candles that equal the age you are, too - now that’s funny! When is the last time you took a moment to sit down and think about how many colors are in the rainbow and named each of them in order? Have you ever just sat and colored, took time for yourself, and showed up for yourself?

In this month’s buzz I am gonna give a few tidbits to assist.

Imagine sitting in your studio beginning your daily routine waiting for guests to arrive and your phone rings. This phone call has dramatically changed the direction of your day and the months to come. You are asking yourself what and how do I get back into my daily routine and ignore this, but you can’t. Fill in blank what it is for you - it could be a divorce, death in the family, sick child, rent going up, or even a client starting a lawsuit because she did not like the brows or color that she loved when leaving studio until one person made a comment.

Over the last couple of years, everyone’s life has shifted, and we all had to pivot to adjust and somehow pandemic affected everyone one way or another. People are sometimes uncomfortable talking about personal issues and as others are equally uncomfortable hearing about them. 

Here is some help! Check this self-care challenge that was taken from Laurensjourney.com

Download this HERE


Now what do you do when you have obligations that can’t get done? People are depending on you to deliver a project, a service, bills due, or just simply ordering that special color for a client that is coming from out of town. The one altering situation that changed your life has caused a domino effect in your somewhat organized world. The question is now what must be done and what becomes a priority in life now?

The first thing to do is to breathe.  Some things will not get done, and unfortunately you must deal with the consequences of what can happen. This can come in the form of additional fees, one may have to walk away from obligations, as well changing the reputation of how others see you. The priority is that we must make sure we always BREATHE and show up for ourselves. That is the only way we can show up for others and give our best.

Life will happen no matter who you are or how much money you make and it’s best to be prepared by getting as organized.

Here are some suggestions to assist in being prepared as best as one can:

  1. Place bills on autopay to eliminate late fees
  2. Have a calendar of obligations and try to stay at least one month ahead
  3. Place inventory that is frequently used on auto delivery
  4. Pay taxes quarterly
  5. Consider having an assistant once a month on the weekends to keep orders organized
  6. Devote time for yourself to exercise -  BREATHE - it brings mental clarity
  7. Meal prep to give yourself more time to handle priorities as well as keeping healthy

Julia Alexander
SPCP Director, Ethics Chairperson