PC Buzz - May 2022

10 Ways to Retain Your Customers 

  1. Make your customers feel important. If you know their name, use it. If there is any personal information they shared with you, talk about it. Remember, without them, you don’t have a business.

  2. Thank your customers every chance you get. Customers have many options available, and they chose our company over your competition. Thank them for their business and do it often!

  3. Know your products and services.  Customers want to work with a knowledgeable practitioner, so learn everything you can about your products and services so you can be better equipped to answer their questions. Be completely open minded during any training classes you may take and be willing to learn.

  4. Understand the cost of losing one customer. When we lose just one customer, we are missing out on a lifetime of profitability with that customer. The more customers that leave, the more it is going to cost to win them back and the more we must spend on marketing.

  5. Pay attention to your customer’s needs. Ask questions to find out what is most important to them and listen carefully.

  6. Keep your promises. Follow up as quickly as possible. Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. In other words, if they are expecting you to call them back at 2pm, call them back at 2pm.

  7. Make it easy for your customers to complain. Seriously, this is vital to correcting current problems or issues within the company. When you have an open ear and listen intently, most times the customer will be respectful with their complaints.

  8. Reward your loyal customers with generosity. Acknowledge them by going the extra mile; bend a rule; do something that exceeds their expectations. Give them a “wow” experience.

  9. Maintain a sense of humor and have fun at work. People want to do business with people that genuinely love what they do. It makes customers feel good and they tell others. Laugh with your customers! It’s a great communication builder.

  10. NEVER take your customers for granted. They are the reason we have a career or business. Remember, customers can come and go whenever they choose, and very quickly without any warning or obligation to tell you ahead of time.


The bottom line is, treat your customers well and continually show your appreciation for their business. Taking care of your customers is the single most important job you have! Share your customer retention tips in the SPCP PMU Support Squad - https://www.facebook.com/groups/spcp.org



Jhon-Jhon Ventura, CPCP
SPCP Director, Communications Chair