PC Buzz - October 2022

ANGER, JOY, FEAR, DISGUST, and SADNESS are characters from the Pixar movie “INSIDE OUT.”  I found it interesting to see SADNESS, all plump and blue, with short blue hair, round black glasses, wearing a grey-white sweater, dark blue pants, and blue slippers. (A perfect description of how we feel when we ARE sad.) SADNESS would love to be more optimistic and helpful, but it’s VERY hard TO BE POSITIVE.

On the other hand, JOY has bright blue hair styled in a pixie cut, blue eyes, pink lips, and wears a lime green floral dress. JOY has an aura that glows all around her. JOY is irritating because she is lighthearted, optimistic, and determined to find the fun in every situation; she tries to push around other negative emotions. Joy sees challenges as opportunities and the less happy moments as hiccups on the way back to something great. Joy always tries to be excited and happy and wants everyone else to feel the same. 

It seems that Joy and Sadness are at odds with one another. There was great wisdom in Sadness. Despite the negative and pessimistic disposition of Sadness, she is very considerate and compassionate towards others. She sympathized with the characters letting them express true feelings.

September 27, 2022, as hurricane Ian engulfed much of Florida, I received a visit from ANGER, FEAR, and SADNESS. A very hard decision was made to regroup. The SPCP annual convention went virtual! Elizabeth Plancon jumped into motion, FEARLESS, with JOY, determined to resurrect our chance to learn and grow as artists, colleagues, and friends.

Inquiring minds from around the world are asking, “How did the convention turn out?” So many questions to answer and so many emotions to process. As artists, we are a solutions-oriented group. We all found ways to bond with our fellow artists. Many gathered to have watch parties, complete with Uber Eats and cocktails. Debbie Casson put her dancing clothes on, poured a cocktail, and shared it with us from New Zealand. We had message boards to share comments, plus a virtual lobby to chat and share.  Deep down in our souls, we know we are meant to shine. Negativity, stress, and pessimism will create tension, preventing us from blossoming into who we are truly meant to be. 

1st:  We freed ourselves of negativity by focusing on advancing our education.

Train the Trainer with Shanan Zickefoose pre-empted the lectures by helping CPCP artists become SPCP Certified Trainer Members. (We love the SPCP trainer members; with certainty, their students and our colleagues receive top-notch training.)  Shanan rose to the occasion to devote two long days to this program via Zoom.

Day one; We were greeted in the Zoom Events virtual lobby by the effervescent Rose Prieto. Angela Torresiani, SPCP president, took the spotlight at our Town Hall Meeting, sharing what we have accomplished during her tenure. Oh! Don’t forget the exhibitor presentations. As we learned more about the SoftTap supplies and methods, DM’s were sent between artists wanting to learn more about this method of cosmetic tattooing. Nurse Tracy blew us away with the science behind PMU Goo, a CBD-based aftercare product. Valerie Weber had amazing solutions for trainers, and yours truly talked all skin solutions for pigmentation issues, skin prep, and Procell therapies in your practice. Palm trees and sunshine? We don’t need palm trees and sunshine when we are talking science!

Mixed in with the exhibitor presentation were full lectures - the clouds parted as the forever-perky April Meese shared ways to propel our business journey into an unstoppable force. Taryn Quinterri shared experiences, stories, and photos of scalp pigmentation. It was a great day with lots of prizes given away by resident wheel-spinner Elizabeth Plancon.

2nd Focus on the new emotions! Leaving doubt and negativity behind, we approached our second day ready for more thought-provoking presenters. The remarkable Marie Jenkinson blew us away by sharing the correlation between injectables, aesthetic medicine, and permanent makeup. Kimberly White was sublime as she compared traditional eyeliner to building a house and creating the perfect flick! As Mytia Story stepped up to the microphone, convention attendees, riveted by the science of pigment creation, were taking notes as fast as possible. Hugh Wilson dazzled the viewers with his charm, wit, and expertise. He managed to parlay the conversation using the color wheel to explain correct laser, depth, pigment response, and desired skin reaction during a removal process. Day two concluded with the exquisite Emily Joy, sharing her secrets to social media success. All felt right in the world.

3rd- Move forward with intention to serve our clients. While many areas of our minds were stimulated, we were hungry for more. Our third day began as the ever-gallant Carlos Mejias, stepped up to the camera to explain the challenges of tattooing melanin-rich skin. Then the amazing artist, Lisa Doll, clarified issues many have struggled with for years: The correlation of facial bones, muscles, and how this affects our work. Our day wrapped up with the beautiful Elsa Torresiani and the secrets to scar recovery for permanent cosmetics. followed by a return of the magnificent speakers for the Panel of Experts! And of course, great prizes!


Surely there must be medication to relieve us of all these crazy emotions! Better yet, let’s revel in them and use the synergy of our collective experience to elevate our businesses.  Our shared interaction created an enhanced effect. The SUM is greater than any individual outcome. As SPCP members, we are better together because of our individual strengths and talents we bring to the team. This magnifies our power to transform lives while Sadness blossoms into Joy!

PS: If you want to become more involved, expand your horizons. Reach out to the Board of Directors or SPCP special committees and volunteer. We’d love to expand our synergy!

Best wishes for a successful end of 2022!

Vicki Hansen, CPCP
SPCP Director, Membership Co-Chair