PC Buzz - Sept 2022

Hey Beautiful!
Let's talk powder brows! 

What even are powder brows?
Today's powder brow is a technique that creates a soft powder effect that's darker at the tail and slightly lighter towards the front. This is done with a shading technique using a tattoo machine. Now, you may be wondering, "Why choose powder brows?" Let's get into it!

Powder brows are thoughtfully customized, fitting with the natural hair color, undertone, skin type, and facial structure. One of the many great reasons to get powder brows is that it saves clients from constantly having to purchase brow makeup. Defining and filling in the brows to simulate powder creates a clean look that really enhances one's natural beauty. Another reason why we recommend this technique would be that they get to wake up with an effortless, smudge-proof shape that will save valuable time in the morning. Some of the beneficial factors we see as artists are that with powder brows, we have more control of how the tone of the pigment appears when healed. At touch-ups, powder brows are helpful in determining what modifiers could be added to the pigment. Another benefit is we can control the saturation using a shading technique to build on the color.

The supplies used may not make the powder brow, but they can definitely break it! We typically like to go with a single needle, and all the machines we use are rotary tattoo machines. We begin by using a surgical skin marker to dot and secure the shape of the brow; after dotting, we go in with the initial numbing for intact skin for about 10-15 minutes before breaking the skin. The client will get a secondary numbing with epinephrine throughout the procedure formulated for open skin. We use this not only for numbing, but it is also helpful to stop bleeding, swelling, and oozing because of the epinephrine.

Using the machine or needle that works best for the client's skin is also extremely important. Everybody's skin is different, so not all devices and needles will work the same on different people. This is why we recommend adjusting your needle or machine depending on the skin you will be working on.

You may wonder, how do powder brows age over time?
Once they have completely healed from the initial touch-up session, the brows should reveal a natural shape and saturation. The shape will still be defined, just less bold than immediately after the first session. If aftercare is maintained correctly, clients should be set for success! Many lifestyle factors influence how brows age, so paying close attention to aftercare and asking any questions that come to mind is highly recommended. Throughout the early years of a new brow procedure, the brows can be expected to soften slowly over time. Eyebrow pigments can develop ashier brown tones over time; therefore, regular touch-ups are important in maintaining this investment. With a well-trained artist and proper supplies, we believe a powder brow could be everyone's next best friend!

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Wendy Villalpando, CPCP
SPCP Director, Membership Co-Chair