Position On 2 to 3 Day Microblading/Microstroking

Position on Two-Three Day Classes for Microstroking (Microblading)

It is the Position of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals that the minimum training hours for any fundamental program is 100 hours. This is inclusive of situations where only one procedure is taught such as microstroking (microblading) eyebrows and areola tattooing to students who have no previous experience in permanent cosmetics.

The SPCP Code of Ethics clearly states:

Members agree that any training program at the fundamental level shall be no less than 100 hours (Not less than 65 classroom hours) in duration and shall include practical components under direct instructor supervision. Members agree not to teach any such program which falls short of these minimum standards.

It should be understood that a two-three day course of study cannot properly prepare someone in these critical areas:

  •   Infection control;

  •   Information about the skin including age, texture, and undertones;

  •   Skin preparation;

  •   Color theory and pigment color theory;

  •   Eyebrow or other procedural design;

  •   Proper handling of equipment such as single-use, disposable microstroking

    (microblading) handle and needle groupings;

  •   Instructor full procedure demonstrations;

  •   Technician performance of an adequate number of hands on procedures on practice

    medium, then on clients.
    This position is provided for clarification and support of requirements already in place.

    Adopted 1-30-16